In 2016 I joined the TEDx chapter at the University of Washington as a Mobile UX Designer, where I designed a mobile application for our conference attendants. Each user would receive points that would accumulate throughout the day of the conference that can later be redeemed for prizes that are provided by our sponsors.


DATE  Mar - Jun 2016
TEAM Marketing (Dev, Graphic/Motion Designers)
ROLE  Mobile UX Designer
PROJECT Conference mobile app


our objective

Every year, TEDxUofW hosts an annual conference at the University of Washington. Between each program segment, attendees have around half an hour of intermission. The challenge was that there isn't not enough time for students to go off campus and nothing on campus is open. The question then became clear—how can we utilize this 30-minute intermission with our app?


User Flow

By gamifying the experience, we wanted to make sure that the attendees got the most out of their conference. We included speaker bios and a time schedule as the base of the web app. We created a system of codes for users to enter when they completed an event and a confirmation screen to show the staff in order to receive a prize.


Final Product

The finished app was separated into four distinct parts with Quests being interactive. We included instructions for the users for how Quests worked which they could access at any time.  It was used by 200+ of our attendees at the conference. Thank you Justin for being a great developer, redesigning the quests experience, and working through the time crunch we had leading up to the event.