About the organization

Animal Assisted Happiness' mission is to enrich the lives of children and their families experiencing special needs, health or family challenges. They provide barnyard friends so children and their family members can interact with animals to bring moments of happiness and smiles into their lives. 


Designing for empathy

I had the pleasure of redesigning AAH's website with permission from the Higa family. When I first stumbled upon Animal Assisted Happiness, I was immediately drawn to the cause. I wanted to be respectful of the work that went in to the current  website with the goal of bringing more visuals to reflect the organization's soul. I used the high-quality images from AAH's events as well as stock photos to embellish the site with photography as a way to convey empathy.


"Experience the smiles only animals can bring."


Website goals

When I reached out to AAH, I got in contact with Vice President Peter Higa and asked him questions regarding the goal(s) of having a website. While visitors mostly use the website to sign up to volunteer and use Facebook to check updates, the three purposes for having a website are volunteers, donors, and clients.


Corporate Identity

Animal Assisted Happiness' corporate identity comprises of four colors with purple being the primary color on the current site. Since the gold and red made great accent colors to the purple and blue, I used the colors to highlight website elements. Due to more flexibility, I chose Avenir Next and Adobe Caslon Pro as the site's primary fonts.


final design

The final design features simplified content hierarchy and clean typography that highlights the organization's goals. I used Photoshop to redesign the site because it was easy to edit AAH's photos in the program. I also used Marvel to mock up the interactive prototype of the final redesign.